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October 11-13th

Our Fall Revival gathering is focused on our ties to ancestral lines. We celebrate our authenticity, we are here to see more clearly, stepping into accountability, forgiveness, and learn from what has come before us.


You have been called to remember

Re-member retreats are seasonal gatherings for women designed to ignite the fire of our intuition, ground us into our feminine strengths and create space to explore the old ways of being for healing, growing and guiding the world into reciprocity with nature.


The heart of our Fall retreat is exploring the ties with our ancestry and harvesting the mastery that lies within our roots. 

A sacred space

Centerville, Utah (private address will be shared upon confirmation of attendance)

The location is magical with easy access from the city and is backed right up to a mountain with beautiful flowing waters, herbal gardens and has been used primarily for sacred work. It is the perfect setting and provides the best stage for transformation and rejuvenation.


Your Grandmothers would be Proud

It is vital for women to take time to explore the roots of their lineage and offer space in our lives for their legacy to live on through us. 


We know the power of creative expression that is cultivated from working with plant medicines.


Our desire is to provide a container for exploring the sensual and creative nature of women. All that makes life on this earth possible.


Beyond a female-only environment, Re-member immersion retreats are designed to ignite the passion, power, and pleasure that is our innate and natural way of being.

Your grandmothers would be proud!

Our promise

This three-day immersion will be like nothing you have experienced before.


You will come away from the weekend with a deeper understanding of yourself.


The workshops within the immersion are designed to take us through the cycles of nature, walking the medicine wheel of our womb.


We will learn practices that support bridging ceremonies into our everyday life: breath work, sound healing, nourishing bio-dynamic food, dance, and water rituals.


These practices are the art of the feminine. These tools help us to be more whole for ourselves, our families, and our community.  

What is provided?

~ All meals are homemade and ORGANIC 

~ Wild harvested spring water

~ A playlist for you to continue to integrate your time spent healing

~ Herbal remedies to be worked with throughout the weekend

~ Sleeping area is shared, you will need to bring your own blankets and mats (outdoor sleeping by the sound of the running creek is optional)

~ We will provide a treasure chest of flowy clothing, music, and movement items for our journey 

~ Art station where you can paint what inspires you (we are excited to build a collaborative mandala)

~ Throne of petals and furs for your “highness”

The Gift of Intimacy

This immersion is only open to 13 souls who feel called at this time to join. We find that a small container provides the opportunity for women to be vulnerable and open. We are excited to provide this type of close knit experience for those wanting to attend. By keeping the group compact we naturally have more space for our hearts to truly open.

The Great Teacher
Plant Medicine Huachuma

 One of the most important master plants is the San Pedro cactus. Wachuma is a key or bridge that can help a person to be more harmonious. The word "Wachuma" in the ancient language of the Quechua Indians literally means headless, that is, to remove rational thinking, remove the ego. It is divided into Waqcha - "in the absence" and Uma - "head". In the Andes, the plant-teacher Wachuma is said to heal bodily diseases and mental illnesses; which teaches and harmonizes a person.


The drink in the San Pedro ceremony is obtained from a cactus. Sometimes the San Pedro ceremony is compared to a seven-year meditation in Tibet. Indeed, Wachuma is one of the ways of knowing oneself through sincerity, unconditional love for oneself, through acceptance and understanding of oneself and the world that you create. 


This ceremony often works with the energy of forgiveness. As Democritus once said: "After all, making mistakes is inevitable, but it is not easy to earn forgiveness from people" and it is even more difficult to accept and forgive yourself for the perfect mistakes.


Used to heal, cleanse, heal the heart, body and mind 

San Pedro helps, opens, and shows at what point there was a failure or an injury; it helps to forgive, accept yourself and the people around you. There are no hallucinations or strong unpleasant bodily sensations in the ceremony. San Pedro is always an experience of love, sincerity, and joy. In the ceremony, work is done in the heart, where we feel, the temple of emotions.

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Working with Musical Medicine

Music and movement provide opportunities to express and create what we feel. Music is a gift, a gift to be honored in its fullest, and with integrity.  Our vision is to co-create and choreograph an experience that takes you on a journey within and with the source that guides the music and our experience with it.  


Utilizing music for influence, activating our inner being, and all the other elements come into play.  With life as ceremony we are inspired to move forward through teaching, learning, and excitement for life.


We are providing nurturing approaches to creating and healing through music and movement medicine, establishing healthy foundations for maintaining harmony in life.

Schedule of Events

Opening Day

5:00 - 6:00 pm ~  Arrival

Meet and greet with herbal tea provided. This is a great time to get acquainted with each other and the beautiful land.


6:00 - 6:30 pm ~ Setting & Adorning Your Sleeping Space

There will be options to sleep indoors near the warmth of the hearth, outdoors under the stars, plus private teepees available for those who prefer to reserve private accommodations. Please bring all the things of comfort. Sleeping mats, cots, blankets and pillows.


6:30 - 7:30 ~Tending the Sacred Fire & Altar build

We will gather to create the central altar TOGETHER. During this time we will clear and place our items brought to the gathering on the altar while learning how to use herbs to bless and clear the space and work with ceremonial fire. Once created we will spend a few moments honoring the directions and opening/creating the container for the weekend together.


7:30 ~ Ancestral Dinner  

This dinner will be a collaborative creation of recipes from our family traditions. This night we come together to feast on the offerings of our sisters. Enjoying a co-created meal and receiving connection through sharing food. Main dishes and desserts will be provided. 


8:30 ~ Herbal Vaporizing 

We will finish the evening by gathering around and sharing stories while enjoying herbs specially formulated to support a deep restful sleep with vivid dreams. 

Ceremony – Day 2

8:00 - 8:30 am ~ Stoking the inner fire

During this hour we intend to use guided breath work to open our hearts and stoke the passion of our purpose with inspiration prior the day of medicine.


9:00 - 10:00 am ~ Organic Local Juice & Ceremonial Prayers

We will provide the perfect options to replenish and restore your body in conjunction with the medicine.


10:00 - 11:00 am ~ Voice Activation

An invitation to dive deeper into the way you use your voice. Through vulnerability, truth, acceptance, and love. Create a clear channel within your body using the frequencies that harmonize us as a group.


11:00 am - 4:00 pm ~ Ecstatic Movement & Musical Journey

During the next 5 hours, we will provide a special sound, art, and movement journey. You will be invited to explore nature and work with self reflection contemplating your intention. There will be art stations to paint a group mandala or work with natural face paints. Dancing and movement is encouraged as you feel the rhythms permeate your cells inviting the movement of stagnant energy with-in your being.


4:00 - 5:00 pm ~ Return to the Earth

During this time we will unify our hearts with grounding prayers and guided meditation to establish a connection with the earth and close the ceremony. Light snacks will be provided throughout the day for you to honor your body's intelligence.


5:00 - 6:30 pm ~ Integration Time & Costume Party Preparation 

During this time feel free to rest, cleanse, journal and adorn yourself for our dinner feast.  Costume theme is Animals & Mythical creatures. You are welcome to make this as simple as a onesie pajama or as elaborate and sexy as you like…We invite you to set your wild woman free with your creation.


6:30 - 7:30 pm ~ Giving Thanks Harvest Feast & Samhain Costume Dinner

The evening will be filled with a feast to honor the season and our ancestors. All the fall harvest feasting goodness will be provided with lots of love, our wild souls, and laughter.



Wild Animal Moonlight Embodiment 

This is our opportunity to connect with the wild and channel some of our oldest ancestors. We will be moving to a curated play list to help us embrace movement as medicine in playful and creative ways.


9:00 - 10:00 pm ~ Fire Circle

Integration – Day 3

9:00 - 10:00 am ~ Goddess Chi Gong

We will open the day with breath and movement. Learning simple chi gong techniques to open and connect to the subtle energies of the feminine. 

10:30 - 11:30 am ~ Water Blessings & Herbal Baths

Water-filled baths with petals await you to cleanse and seal the intentions and healings that have been created.


11:30am - 12:30 pm ~ Quiche & Garden salad

We end our gathering with one last shared meal.


12:30 - 1:30 pm ~ Grounding into Integrations

During this time we will complete our shared experience and speak to the lessons we intend to cultivate and bring back into our daily life. 


3:00 pm - Clean & Pack Up 

The Retreat Center 

Our surrounding ambiance plays an important and vital role in the life and breath of the experience we share.  You'll be immersing yourself in the process and the land while being removed from the noise of the city. You'll hear the sounds of the elements, animals, and your calling.


There will be an outdoor lounge with elegant and epic views of the stream and lush green surroundings. 


Music and movement are just one aspect of what this experience will provide in this life-changing experience of dancing with your soul, your Spirit.


Our intention is to provide an experience and environment to facilitate an experience that takes you outside of yourself and deep within to connect with the meditative silence that creates the gifts we share.


With intentions to attract change makers who are searching for ways to make a difference, take responsibility, and change the future for generations to come.  

rushing waters 3.jpeg

Or enjoy a sleep over with a few of your new found friends in the rest and recover theme adorned sleeping loft. 


Choose from a personally decorated and furnished double occupancy teepee. Set up with soft furs and welcoming gifts for you and your favorite "sister". 

If you are interested in a single occupancy option please contact us via email to confirm if option is available. 


Early Bird Pricing if your deposit is received before September 15th, 2024

Group Occupancy price $1,444

Double Occupancy Teepee $1,544

After September 15th Prices are:


Group Occupancy price $1,555

Double Occupancy Teepee $1,655

A Non-refundable deposit of $444 made to confirm your space. Remainder of investment paid one week before the retreat. 


Nicole DeVaney

Nicole DeVaney is a lover of all things holistic health and is a self proclaimed “How to Healer” with a passion for helping people make big changes easy, fun and palatable (pun intended). 


Her life is dedicated to a search for deeper meaning and truth of what happiness is and how to inspire others to their fullest potential. She spends her days helping others discover what their personal passions are, the changes they might need to make to create a dream life of their own and how to support their body, mind and spirit in the process. 


Life has taken Nicole down some awe-inspiring paths. Over 18 years spent in the arena of dance and motherhood she is well versed in the art and mystery of the feminine. Her New Moon Woman’s circle is a gathering with over six years running, brought to the Salt Lake community to provide a safe haven for ladies of all walks to come and grow together. With over a decade of training and teaching for the Chek institute she also carries the masculine balance of science in the field of health and wellbeing. Her more recent endeavors include a 250 hour certification in herbalism. By integrating the wisdom of plants to support those who are looking to dive into the world of natural medicine she concomitantly fulfills her dream of supporting the healing of the great mother earth.

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Cree Anaiyah Cox

Cree Anaiyah Cox is a Holistic Cycle Coach, Arvigo® Practitioner, Massage Therapist and Celtic Shamanic Practitioner.  She is passionate about supporting women in living a more healthy and balanced life, so they have more time and energy for the things and people they love.

She is an advocate for women's reproductive health & body literacy practices, empowering women to feel in the know when it comes to their body.

With over 17 years of experience in holistic health and wellness, she has dedicated her time and energy into gaining skills in many different modalities so that she can better serve her community.​


When she’s not engaged in her healing services, she loves to enjoy the simple pleasures of life - nature time, eating wild edibles, soaking in hot springs, naked sunbathing, traveling the world, dancing, playing, praying, eating nourishing high vibe food and engaging in inspiring conversations.  She believes that by simplifying how we live and be, we can amplify our experience of life.

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Brooke Ashley Kirk

Brooke Ashley Kirk is a visionary leader, mother, and partner, with a deep love of music as medicine, co-creating life experience through providing opportunities for us to look at the ways we do everything.  Everything we do in life matters, and there is a world of possibility and opportunity. 


Drawing inspiration from each experience, Brooke infuses passion and genuine care into every collaborative experience with clarity in communication, creating a ripple effect of change in people’s lives and improving our ability to communicate through music and movement, with passion and joy, through freedom and possibility.  


The health and wellbeing of everyone serves as motivation, the more we each connect with the source of our health and the deeper meanings of life, land, and our body temples, the more everyone will be able to see clearly and confidently into their mastery and purpose in life.


Brooke’s approach is in living the most optimal life, through authentically connecting to who we each are and creating a strong personal framework and foundation. Brooke is committed to sharing and educating individuals on the joys of living a healthy holistic life, communicating with passion in our relationship to the self and the possibilities this opens.

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