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Full Moon

New Moon Woman

A monthly gathering of women dedicated to making a difference within themselves & community while remembering the ways of our ancestors. 

We are a donation based gathering located in Salt Lake City, Utah. We provide the opportunity for women to come together during the new moon each month. Every moon there is a different theme, facilitator and experience to bring us deeper into our feminine ways, play, create lasting connections of sisterhood and cultivate healthy and supportive relationships with women. 


Throughout the year, the donations received are given to different organizations, local charitable causes or directly to women of our circle in need. 

We have shared thousands of dollars of support out into the greater Salt Lake community.

It is a circle built by women, for women and doing what women naturally do!

We nurture, heal and bring the abundant creative life force to this world.

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The Birth of New Moon Woman

It all started with a small group of ladies who were fed up with exclusivity and a desire to  break down the social stigmas of women being competitive and catty. They wanted to create a space that was open to any and all women who wanted a safe place to feel held, supported and lifted up by other women.


What started as a seedling of an idea to create a monthly moon circle has blossomed into a flourishing and thriving monthly circle, with 2023 bringing us to our seventh year of gathering.


We have built a sisterhood based on trust and support while honoring the ways of our ancestors and rhythms of nature.


Today we are so deeply honored and grateful to have hosted nearly 1,000 women! 

We invite you to join by coming to a circle (details below) or jumping on our Facebook group


Please join us for any of our 2023 gatherings

Winter woman.JPG

Winter Woman Land
January 22, 2023

We are so grateful to have welcomed year of the Water Rabbit with over 180 woman dressed in white! It was such a powerful event that we intend to do it another version of it February 10th 2024!

Check out the photos and video below and be sure to leave your email to get updates for future amazing events!


Winter Woman Land 2023

Moon Circle Facilitators 

Organizations We Have Donated To

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