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Summer 2024

Summer Rewild
July 26th-28th 2024

Our summer gathering is focused on igniting the divine feminine remembrance within and rewilding our sensuality to ignite the fire of our intuition and reclaim our primal purpose.

Would you like to join a collective of conscious women asking all sisters to come forth and remember the medicine held within our primal nature, rewilding our sensuality surrounded by women ready to heal, and play in our most authentic ways?


Imagine three glorious days choreographed to unplug from the world and tune into nature.


Running streams, sun shining on our naked skin and crackling fires whispering wisdom long forgotten to renew your visions of the life you desire!

Always organic, (biodynamic when available) food created and served with the purpose of purifying every cell in your body. Fresh harvested spring water and bathing pools clear what no longer serves you.  


Immersed in beauty, surrounded by nature, and connecting to the earth while communing in a sacred circle of women, inspiring the feminine deep within.


These gatherings have been cultivated for a council of 13 women.


We hand select each group through an application process with the desire to create a container that supports and nourishes the transformation of limits.


Gaining wisdom and remembrance of what it is we as women can collectively do for ourselves and our communities.

If our summer gathering is calling you then request
to apply by completing the form below

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