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Do You Remember?

Women everywhere are beginning to remember!

We provide a safe space through retreats, gatherings, and women’s circles for all women to dive into their divine wisdom, sensual nature, and the natural magic they hold as the wisdom keepers of this world.

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The Remember Collective brings attention to the unmet needs of women, our roots, the ancient ways we gather and connect in effort to create!


It is through our sensual nature, dance, art, and play that we activate healing, building of community and create abundance.


It is our mission to offer sacred spaces for women to remember all the ways of our natural feminine mastery. 



Each of the Remember gatherings are held seasonally on sacred lands. Connecting to and learning from natures rhythms no retreat will ever be the same! We immerse ourselves in the themes that each season has to offer with the community of our sisters, remembering the way our ancestors gathered.


We honor all woman by aligning with the needs of the earth and of our bodies. All the nourishment provided is organic, in season and local. Besides the great rhythms of music to move our bodies to we will also align with the circadian rhythms and make rest as much as a priority as play! 

We believe that the elements, animals and plants of this planet are medicine that has been hidden from modern women's is time we all remember. 

What Season calls to you? click to learn more.


“As someone who has a lot of experience both attending and planning retreats, I was absolutely floored by this one.  The event was so thoughtfully infused with everything beautiful - it was sacred, spiritual, liberating, fun, joyful, childlike, connective, restorative, and luxurious. 

Mellisa P, UT

At The Heart of Remember 

It all started with some women who believe that it takes more than leadership and knowledge to build a communal experience. It takes a community✨


The Remember Collective came together to create retreats where we can grow through the wisdom (and play) of all women. The ambassadors & participants of our collective offer gifts of music, healing, natures medicines and nutrition to the container for the birth of something new. 

This something is a new way of being that helps us to cultivate an experience of life that changes the way we perceive our world. Together with you this is possible! 

This is How we Remember!

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