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Fall 2024

October 11-13th

Our Revival gathering’s focus is on our ties to Ancestral Lines, and harvesting the mastery that lies within our roots

Imagine a 3 day retreat dedicated to unplugging from the world and tuning into nature.


Have you ever taken the time to explore  the mastery of your lineage, gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your ancestral roots that are at the base of most of your thoughts and feelings?

Collectively we will gather to celebrate our authenticity, remembering that we are here to see more clearly, stepping into accountability, forgiveness, and learning from what has come before us…..

~We will honor our linage
Connecting to, dancing for, and singing of their mastery!

Running streams, falling leaves and crackling fires whispering wisdom long forgotten helping you to revive your visions of a life you desire!


Always organic, (biodynamic when available) food grown all summer and served with the purpose of nourishing every cell in your body with the bounty of the Autumn harvest.

Meals made like our grandmothers would have made with love in their hearts using all of the goodness the season has to offer!


These gatherings have been cultivated for a council of 13 women. We hand select each group with the desire to create a container that supports and nourishes our transformation


Gaining wisdom and remembrance of what it is we as women can collectively do for ourselves and our communities.

If our Fall gathering is calling you then request to apply by completing the form below

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