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Spring 2024

April 26-28th

Our spring gathering is focused on the cleansing of our bodies and clarifying visions of a life filled with possibility. 

Would you like to join a collective of conscious women asking all sisters to come forth and remember the medicine of our earth and the legacy of our roots, planting the seeds of creation?


Imagine three glorious days dedicated to unplugging from the world and tuning into nature. Running streams, budding trees and crackling fires whispering wisdom long forgotten helping you to renew your visions of a life you desire! 


Always organic (biodynamic when available) food created and served with the purpose of purifying every cell in your body.


Enjoying the new sprouts of spring that have arrived in time for the seeds of your heart to open to new possibilities. 

Fresh harvested spring water and bathing pools clear what no longer serves you.

Mystic Art that surrounds you with every turn inspiring the creatrix deep within.

These gatherings have been cultivated for a council of 13 women. We hand select each group with the desire to create a container that supports and nourishes the transformation of limits.


Gaining wisdom and remembrance of what it is we as women can collectively do for ourselves and our communities.

To Learn more and sign up to apply please fill out the form below. We will provide you with an application to get more info. 


If our Spring gathering is calling you then request
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