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Remember to "Spring Clean"
Your Body Temple

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A invitation to step into practices to support the changing of the seasons.

As we welcome the fresh energy of spring and feel the northern hemisphere awaken from her winter slumber there is a natural urge to clean and clear our surroundings. Taking deep breaths of the crisp air we invite inspiration of what is to come with a new cycle.


Our bodies are deeply interwoven with these cycles and as we feel the urges to prepare our environments for new growth and expansion our organs and cells also begin to clean house. It is imperative that we honor our connection to nature and work with these cycles to support the release of old stagnant energies and create the opportunity to flow with ease. 


Did you know that many people tend to get more colds/viruses around spring and fall?


With the decrease of stress due to the tempered climates that comes with these seasons your body takes the opportunity to release stored toxins. If we can support this natural seasonal detox you are less likely to come down with something while your immune system is “cleaning house”.


One of the best ways to help your body through this process is simple, inexpensive and everyone can do, by drinking half of your body weight in ounces of clean filtered or wild harvested spring water! It has been said that you are either a river or a swamp and when you drink consistently throughout the day you provide a flowing river for your body to carry away the toxins it is purging this spring. 


“The best solution to pollution is dilution”

There are many details beyond this that one can learn to properly drink water in ways that support digestion, clear mind and great sleep. If you want to dive deeper into the details you are welcome to watch this video for even more knowledge and inspiration.


I would like to challenge those of you who are feeling the call to tune more deeply into the rhythms of nature and your body to commit to the goal of drinking half of your body weight in ounces everyday for the next 30 days. I invite you to explore the difference in your body/mind functions as you get fully hydrated. Find your favorite water bottle and measure how much you would need to drink each day and then print out this goal chart and track your progress. 


This Spring the Remember Collective will be taking a council of 13 women even deeper by exploring the water ways of the body. The lymph system is our body’s natural pathways of flow that carries toxins, hormones and emotions


Alyssa Sawyer, a sister from the collective, has created a series of videos to teach simple methods of lymph cleansing that is a form of manual movements of our water ways. With intention we can begin to gently help our body to clean house and welcome a fresh start this Spring. 


This video will show you how to do lymph cleansing and

This video will offer you a short and simple series you can do to clear the lymph in the head, neck and jaw.


The benefits of doing this a few times a week are all the things we tend to want as woman. It can clear the sinuses, reduce puffiness in the eyes and jaw and just give you an overall refreshed look of the maiden. It takes less than 7 minutes to watch the videos and only 5-10 minutes a week to do (you can track when you do them on your water goal sheet).


When we give time to our wellness we send a message to every cell in our body that we are valued and loved. You are worth the time and your body temple loves to be loved!


The Remember collective

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