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February 3rd-7th 2025 Hawaii


Our winter retreat is focused on cultivating a deep remembrance of coming together to restore our bodies and create a movement of self love and care. Gathering in a sacred hot springs in Hawaii during the winter is the best way we know how to nurture our energy and treat our community rainbow magic! 

We will be opening up for applications and details for our winter gathering Fall 2024

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Wai Ola Springs

Wai Ola Springs is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. Our property is a beautiful 10 acres with fruit trees and gardens. We are so blessed to have fresh mineral rich hot spring water onsite, that is pumped into above ground tubs. The hot spring water comes out of the ground at perfect soaking temperatures between 110-115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Winter Retreat Details Coming Soon.....

We have some big plans in the works for the five day gathering on the Big Island. If you want to join us and escape the winter then be sure to leave you email and get informed when we open up sign ups 

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